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Date: Tuesday 20.02.

Time: 10:00

Contact Person: Aapo Karvonen

There's a feeling of a great sports celebration in the air! The already traditional KomerOlympics are returning to the third floor of Exactum on Tuesday, February 20th.

This year, the competition will include familiar sports such as LaTeX typesetting, Shout Bag (Huutopussi), Catan, NHL 13, and skribbl.io. Registration for the disciplines will take place on Komero's cupboard door. Winners will receive both fame and honor, as well as some local currency for Komero's products.

Depending on the number of participants, qualifying matches will be played in at least Huutopussi, Catan, and NHL 13. So, please allocate time on the days leading up to the event for playing qualifying matches if you plan to participate in these sports.

The schedule for the event is as follows:
NHL13 10.00
Skribbl.io  11.00 
Papa's quiz 12.00 
LaTeX 13.00 
Shout bag 14.00
Chess 14.30
Mine sweeper 15.00
Catan 16.00

There is a limited number of spots on each event so please be quick with the registration.

The prizes for each event are as follows:
1. place: 3 lines (Komero currency)
2. place: 2 lines
3. place: 1 line

Participation is free for competitors. All Matrix events adhere to the principles of Matrix's Safer Space: bit.ly/matrix-safe-space

WHAT: KomerOlympics
WHERE: In KOMERO, duh (Exactum, 3rd floor)
WHEN: Tuesday, February 20th
WHY: As they say, a bark won't make a scar