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Price List

Overall Sponsorship (per location):

Front Thigh: 800€
Shin: 700€
Back Thigh: 600€
Side Pocket: 600€
Calf: 500€
Back Pocket: 500€

Recruitment Channels (email list and Telegram):

First Message of the Year: 0€
Single Message: 100€
12 Messages for a Year: 300€

Logo on Website:

Without any collaboration: 200€
If the company supports Matrix ry with over 1000 euros: 0€

Member Magazine:

Logo in the magazine: 50€
Article in the magazine, e.g., career story: 100€

Company Visit: 600€

Anniversary party:

Dinner card for two at two Matrix ry anniversary and logo in the song booklet: 600€
Company logo in the songbook: 200€
Visibility at the herring breakfast: 200€