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Alina / Alina-sali: venue in a 3rd floor of Uusi ylioppilastalo, Mannerheimintie 5A
assari: assistant in excercise sessions or in other smaller occasions, usually a student too
diffa: a course differential calculus
diffis I/II: courses differential equations I&II
Chemicum: building of chemistry in Kumpula
Dynamicum: building of Finnish Meteorological Institute in Kumpula
epsilon: friend of every mathematician, usually very small
excu: excursion, a trip to some interesting place like a company or a theatre
Exactum: building in Kumpula, departments of mathematics, statistics and computer science are located here
fuksi: a fresher, first-year student
Gurula: student room of computer science students, Exactum DK115
huutis: a card game called huutopussi
halko: student organization's or other association's board meeting
HOPS: personal curriculum
HY: University of Helsinki
HYK: Helsingin yliopiston kemistit, a student organization of chemistry
HYY: the student union of the University of Helsinki
kandi: bachelor's degree, 180 credits, also a student who has finished their bachelor's degree
klusteri / klusse / klurre: a venue in Leppäsuonkatu 11, Matrix shares the place with 13 other organizations
Komero: student room of mathematics students, Exactum C338
kyykkä: the most brilliant and beautiful academic sport, where people throw kyykkäs with karttus
käpistelijä: student of computer science
käpistely: computer science
laskarit: excercise session group, where students go through excercises
Limes: a cross-disciplinary student organization of Kumpula's students
limetti: usually an active member of Limes ry or just a member of Limes
linis I/II: courses linear algebra and matrices I&II
lipasto: university
Matlu: Matlu ry, cooperative organization of student organizations in Faculty of Science
mitta: course measure and integral
Moodi: student organization of statistics students
Navetta: Exactum DK110, a computer classroom next to Gurula
noppa: student credit
n-vuoden opiskelija: a student of n years, has studied 5 or more years
paja: workshop, where students do excercises with course assistants
palloukot: statue that has big stony men holding lamps, in the entrance of central railway station, a common meeting place
Physicum: Building of the department of physics in Kumpula
pruju: lecture handout, students usually get online
Resonanssi: student organization of physics students
sitsit: academic dinner party, where people dress up, eat, drink and sing together
TKO-äly / Tekis: student organization of computer science
todari: probability calculus, usually means course probabilility
topo I/II: courses topology I&II
tuutori: an older student that is trained to help freshers
UniCafe: a student diner, there's UniCafes in every campus
Uusi: Uusi ylioppilastalo, Mannerhiemintie 5
Vanha: Vanha ylioppilastalo, Mannerheimintie 3
vekkuli: course vector analysis
vujut: an annual party